The Truth About Tree Removal Cost

When you Google “tree removal cost” you’ll find results anywhere from $100-$3,500. That’s a huge range! How do you know if that range is accurate? And where on the price spectrum will your tree fall (pun intended)? Plus, unless you know what qualities to look for, you may be taken in by a slippery salesman. Professional arborist Jake Chesnut from top-rated Oak Arbor Care teaches you how to spot a true bargain!


What factors influence the cost?

The honest truth is that tree removal cost is variable, depending on several factors. These factors include:

  • size of the tree
  • location of the tree - accessibility, proximity to power lines, etc.
  • types of removal equipment needed
  • weight and volume of material to be removed
  • proximity to a dump/recycling location
  • level of danger based on how infected or decomposed the tree is
  • right of way crews and permits to perform work over or near major city roadways


Tree removal cost range

Taking all of these factors into account, a small tree could cost $250-$500. A medium-sized tree (12"-18" diameter base and 30'-40' tall) could cost $1,000-$2,000. Large trees could be a

one-day job, costing $3,000-$4,000 (including disposal of material and major heavy equipment). However, if the job will take more than one day and involve skid steers, cranes, larger chainsaws, and extra crew members, the cost goes up. Fun story - the largest tree I ever bid on would have required multiple days with a crane, skid steers, and extra manpower… totaling

$18,000. Don’t worry, though! It’s pretty rare to exceed a $7,500 removal price for any single tree in Colorado.


If you’re feeling lost, reach out to Oak Arbor Care at 720-899-0329 or submit our quick and easy contact form. We’re better than an online tree removal cost calculator because we can give you a professional and personalized quote for free!


Why is tree removal so expensive?

Tree removal is highly dangerous. A person’s life could be lost at any moment if everyone is not on the same page. Because of this risk, communication systems between the crew are crucial!


Further, the equipment needed to dispose of tree material is very costly. This equipment is time-consuming to repair and maintain.


Finally, It takes years for an arborist to master the craft of tree maintenance, especially when extra care is taken out of concern for the earth. In fact, at Oak Arbor Care, eco-friendly techniques are our specialty. To learn about one of our exclusive approaches to natural tree care, check out our blog on our secret DIY fertilizer.


The cost of NOT removing a tree

Sometimes we become so fixated on the cost of tree removal, we forget that the cost of NOT removing the tree may be even greater! If a diseased tree falls on your house or car during the next windstorm, you will be paying for far more than simply removing the tree. Plus, the longer a dying tree remains standing, the more technical (and expensive) the removal becomes. Finally, when a damaged tree threatens the safety of the family when it hangs over a child’s bedroom or favorite play spot in the yard… Well, the choice is clear.


Should I be wary of surprisingly low estimates?

You get what you pay for. There will always be a cheaper-bidding company. However, you must ask yourself, “Is it worth the risk?” A cheaper company may not have insurance, licensing, proper ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certification, and/or training. This means that if, in the process of removing your tree, they damage your home, break something on your property, or injure themselves, you may be liable. Plus, they may haphazardly demolish your tree, leaving your yard a wreck.


How can I tell if an arborist is trustworthy?

Lean heavily on reviews. For example, Oak Arbor Care has forty-eight, 5-star Google reviews, such as this one from Annette Cramer:


“We needed a dead tree that was in a tough spot to come down and Jake from Oak Arbor Care, LLC was the right man for the job. Jake and his crew were professional, prompt, extremely polite, efficient, and very conscientious. We highly recommend them!”


Also, you can ask the arborist for referrals from previous clients. Word-of-mouth is wonderful! If an arborist is willing to take the time to understand your particular situation, they will also probably be able to work with you to fit your exact needs and save you money.


Any tips for smart ways to save money?

If you have space to dispose of wood chips and wood (or somewhere nearby that would take them) you will save a lot of money. We can always take down the tree and leave the material on site. Also, Oak Arbor Care offers discounts to veterans, police officers, and medical workers.


Best tree removal near Fort Collins

Oak Arbor Care is well-known for trustworthy tree services. Don’t just take our word for it! We are the first company listed on the Better Business Bureau’s “BBB Accredited Tree Service Near Loveland, CO,'' as well as being included on’s “13 Best Loveland Tree Services.”


Family-owned and operated Oak Arbor Care is licensed, bonded, and insured, providing top-rated tree removal services to Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Johnstown, Longmont,

Berthoud, Mead, Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, and Niwot. We are known for our high-quality work and our eco-friendly approach. For a free estimate, call 720-899-0329 or submit our quick and easy contact form.


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