Plant for the Future

Call Oak Arbor Care for tree planting and transplanting service in the Longmont, Fort Collins & Loveland, CO area

Looking for someone who knows how to plant trees? Turn to Oak Arbor Care for tree planting service in Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, CO and surrounding areas. We're the trusted local experts for tree and shrub planting. This includes the post-transplant reconditioning process. From tree planting to tree maintenance, our team will make sure your trees are set up for optimum growth.

Call 720-899-0329 to schedule tree planting service.

Whether you're moving to a new home or reconfiguring your landscape, you can count on us for a tree transplanting service. Don't cut down a perfectly good tree. Our tree care professionals can safely relocate your trees or shrubs to a different location.

You may want to transplant a tree if:

  • It's not getting enough sunlight or water
  • It's in the way of construction
  • It's growing too close to a structure
  • You're moving but want to take the tree with you

Think you could benefit from our tree transplanting service? Give us a shout today.