Keep Your Yard Safe in Longmont & Loveland, CO

Hire Oak Arbor Care for dependable tree removal services

Dead or uprooted trees can pose a threat to your property. Count on Oak Arbor Care for hazardous tree removal services. If a tree is in danger of falling on your house, shed or pool, we can help. Our well-trained crew can safely remove any tree, no matter the size or location.

Call 720-899-0329 today to speak with a specialist about scheduling your tree removal in the Longmont & Loveland, CO area.

While trees can be a beneficial landscaping feature, they occasionally do more harm than good. You may need to call us for tree removal services if:

  • A storm has uprooted a tree in your yard.
  • A tree is encroaching on your home or a powerline.
  • You're clearing land for a construction project.
  • You find fungi or other signs of tree decay.
  • Your tree is no longer putting out healthy branches.

Make us your preferred resource for hazardous tree removal services. We can improve the safety and enhance the appearance of your landscape.

Contact us today to arrange for a tree removal service in Longmont, CO and surrounding areas.