Exclusive Guide to Professional Tree Service for Property Managers



You manage property - a rental property, an HOA, a commercial property. Perhaps you represent a property management company. Because of this, you are responsible for every aspect of your land. It’s a lot to handle. We get it. Oak Arbor Care is here to put you at ease about one aspect of property management: professional tree service.

Why should a property manager hire a professional tree service?

As a property manager, your biggest nightmare is being held liable for injury on your property. A professional tree service offers a safety net, helping you avoid insurance claims and legal proceedings from tree-caused injury or building damage. Having a professional arborist evaluate your trees gives you the bonus of knowing the status of the tree's health ahead of time

- before that massive winter storm can strike. Plus, hiring a professional protects you from risking your safety by attempting the dangerous job of tree maintenance alone. Your reputation is tied up in the safety of your property. Let a professional shoulder that burden.


What jobs can a professional tree service handle for a property manager?

Oak Arbor Care offers peace of mind for at least three years if your tree is pruned by our experts. We handle large, hazardous removals - whether the tree is one hundred feet tall or twenty. We conduct major safety pruning, which prevents massive breakage in the years to come. Don’t stress about soil amending or new tree planting - we’ve got you covered! We can easily develop a three to five-year plan for your entire community. Curious about what your personalized plan would look like? Call 720-899-0329 or submit our quick and easy contact form.


How can a property manager find a trustworthy arborist?

Don’t simply take their word for it. Instead, ask to see proof of insurance and licensing. This documentation indicates that they’ve taken the time to be serious about their profession. Also, most cities will list their licensed tree companies on their city's website, which is updated annually. For example, check out Oak Arbor Care on the list of licensed tree service contractors in Longmont, Berthoud, Boulder, and Loveland.


Additionally, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is one of the top go-to tree resources for both professionals and landowners. They provide a handy tool for people to check whether a particular individual is a certified arborist or not. Type in “Jake Chesnut” if you want to search for me!


Further, you can ask a potential arborist for referrals from satisfied past customers. You can also inquire specifically about larger jobs they’ve handled in the past. The arborist should be able to provide you with previous bids from these projects or references from these jobs well-done.


Don’t forget to search for online reviews! Oak Arbor Care is the first company listed on the Better Business Bureau’s “BBB Accredited Tree Service Near Loveland, CO'', as well as being included on Expertise.com’s “13 Best Loveland Tree Services”. You can also check out our 49 5-star Google reviews, like this one from Jennifer Culver:


“Oak Arbor Care did a fantastic job for us!! We had issues getting other companies to come out for quotes or returning calls. Jake came to quote a project for us AND was able to complete the project the same day for a great price!! Extremely easy to work with and took pride in their work! Would definitely recommend (and already have) and will definitely call for any future projects!!

Thank you Jake!!”


An arborist should be able to answer about ninety-eight percent of your questions, and, if they don’t know the answer, their reply should be along the lines of, “I will get back to you after some further research." Find the best tree service nearby!

What will the process of collaborating with a professional arborist look like?

Larger properties often need to be broken down by aerial mapping so that the quote can be accompanied by an estimate specific to each section of the map. A property manager should expect an easy-to-understand plan. This might include the plan being broken down by price and by specific suggestions for each individual tree or group of trees, since different trees may require different types of treatment, pruning, removal, or planting. A top-rated professional tree service will offer a detailed explanation of the scope of the job, taking care to address the specific concerns of the property manager. We arborists are obsolete if our customers’ priorities are not addressed first.

How does quality tree care benefit a property manager?

In the broadest terms, professional tree service provides long-term solutions to large-scale problems, including major limb failures, deaths by limb strike, and buildings being significantly damaged. An arborist can inform you of the risk associated with what is located underneath your trees and can assess the tree’s health.


The appearance of your property reflects the quality of your management. One simple way to build your reputation is to take good care of your property. The emotions people experience when they enter the environment you manage can affect their first impressions of you, and science tells us that first impressions are anything but fleeting. Bolster your brand by babying your trees.


Further, many studies show the benefits of being surrounded by nature. What if your property was simply a beautiful place that people wanted to be? Besides making your community a better place (and earning bonus points for your business’ reputation), your property could rise in monetary value as it rises in demand.


The best professional tree service near Fort Collins, CO

Family-owned and operated Oak Arbor Care is licensed, bonded, and insured, providing

top-rated tree and plant care services to Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Johnstown, Longmont, Berthoud, Mead, Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, and Niwot. We are known for our high-quality work and our eco-friendly approach. For a free estimate, call 720-899-0329 or submit our quick and easy contact form.


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